Personal Branding

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

The new online trend towards “personal branding” argues that we are all “brands” that must be managed and promoted. This article in Fast Company dating back to 1997 shows, personal branding is not an entirely new concept: “The Brand Called You“. For “Personal Branding 101” basics, see these two columns by Dan Schwabel — here and here — published in Mashable.

For a slightly different take, see this article in Wired: Facebook: Personal Branding Made Easy. In the same vein, see this column in the New York Times, Putting Yourself Out There On A Shelf To Buy“.

The old-fashion two-page CV is rapidly becoming extinct as employers increasingly search candidate credentials and personality profiles by scanning online social networks and using Google and other online measures like Klout. Personal branding is a pro-active response to this reality. Job candidates are building their profiles on social networks, blogs, and other Web-based platforms to increase their visibility, enhance their image, and polish their reputation. The social media résumé is another tool that is becoming popular.

For insights into your current résumés, read this: “You should remove half the stuff from your resume right now“. For a background article on social media résumés, see this article in the New York Times: The Web 2.0 Résumé. See also this article, “4 Digital Alternatives to the Traditional Résumé“.

For a very basic article giving advice on building a social media résumé see here, “How To Build the Ultimate Social Media Résumé“. For more practical visual advice, see this infographic, “How to Spruce Up a Boring Résumé”. A few links here provide examples. See this article, “10 Creative Social Media Résumés to Learn From“. Also see here, “7 Ingenius Résumés That Will Make You Rethink Your CV“. And finally see this article, “9 Dynamic Résumés That Stand Out From The Crowd“.

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